WW2 Operation Chastise

Emily Davison

Bringing Votes For Women

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South-East Northumberland at War 39-45

By Craig Armstrong

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Misjudged Murderesses

By Stephen Jakobi


Lord Nelson

In our 5 For 5 series we look at various famous people from the past and we inform you of 5 facts about the person to give you a good and better idea of that person and why they were famous.

The Peterloo Massacre

This is our small bits of information section where we explain about some events some quite well known and some little known and explain their importance to the past and what came from them.

UK Lineage

UK Royalty can be a little confusing after all when you have 4 Georges, a couple of Elizabeth's and so on, it can be hard to remember which order they came along in. So let's make it easier and go through our list.

Strategic Bombing

Taking a look at Strategic Bombing, we look at where this happened? why it happened? and what effect would it have on the population?


Dads Army

We look back at one of the UK's most endearing and popular sitcoms about the Dads Army set to the back drop of World War Two. Consistently nominated highly this much loved sitcom still has a large army of fans both young and old.


The Blitz Spirit

We've all heard of the Blitz Spirit, but what was the Blitz? What did people have to put up with? and just how did Briain get a Blitz spirit?


Tell Us What You Think

Now we're a new history website from the UK, but when day we would like to be bigger. So would you mind telling us what you would like to see more of? or even what you would like to see done differently?