Secrets of Great British Castles

Channel Five

Presented by Historian Dan Jones, this series is actually really good and Channel Five really does seem to be putting money into historical programmes. Which is a very good thing. It shows in this series and it is very good and accurate loking at why castles were built and what gave certain castles an advantage over others, and let's face it we have enough in this country. Dan Jones is excellent and very likeable, and I hope he gets more programmes like this. You can see this on Channel Five and Netflix.

The Last Kingdom BBC/Netflix

The Last Kingdom tells the story of Uhtred of Bebbanburg, a Saxon noble who is captured and raised by the Danes, first as a slave and then as a son. His future will be one of battle within and without, fighting against powerful warlords and struggling between his love for the Danes and their culture and his duty for the Saxons.

At the center of The Last Kingdom is its characters and the show presents and develops then masterfully. The acting is surprisingly good, I would say the majority of the show is good and accurate. There are some parts and characters that you can believe and historicaly they can be supported, but then there are others that come along later in reality. But I don't actually think this detracts much from the series'

Add to that a great score, beautiful scenery and great acting (although a little bit inconsistent in some moments) and you have the recipes for a series that stand tall and deserves to be seen. No matter what you like, The Last Kingdom (the first two episodes together are a nice demonstration of everything good about this story) might offer something for you. I would recommend this series' and I would say it is produced to a far better standard than the BBC usually does. The story is very good and the characters and people are very believable, certainly worth a watch.

Blackadder 2,3 & 4

In my opinion and it is right in this case, Blackadder's are the finest comedies ever written. All four series are set in the past Elizabethan, Prince Regent and World War I periods. Starring the likes of Rowan Atkinson, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Tony Robinson and co. Written by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton. The comedy is brilliant, so quick and sarcastic.

Notice here that I haven't mentioned the first Blackadder series as this was absolutely rubbish, poorly written and just not funny. Luckily the series was recommissioned and Ben Elton was introduced, and things just became a roaring success. As with all history-based shows they have to be good but it has to be historically accurate, which it is. The team of actors and writers all collaborate on the show and the team effect shows through with the excellent jokes and script. The final scenes in the final show of the fourth series where the men go over the top out of the trenches has been widely praised as one of the best bits of comedy ever seen.